#TBT: Taste of Sydney 2014


Seeing as it’s Throwback Thursday (Guam time, of course), I thought it would fun to take a look back at the food-tastic time I had at Taste of Sydney back in 2014.

For 4 days, the beautiful Centennial Parklands is transformed into Sydney’s ultimate tasting menu. My husband and I were able to catch the first 2 days and boy, it was a foodie’s heaven! Where else would you be able to sample some of Sydney’s best when it comes to culinary finds?


We started things off feeling adventurous–Grilled lamb testicles with pickled onions. I could of eaten a dozen of these babies! Sweet and firm in texture….I would compare it to fresh scallops. The acidity from the pickled onions paired perfectly with the…pair. 😉 We proceeded to order up some bomb sliders from Chur Burger and a couple of other places.


Along with trying out all the amazing eateries, we hit up the booths of award-winning wineries, artisan producers and boutique exhibitors. We walked away with a tote bag full of snacks, a couple bottles of wines, and trinkets.


With all the savory food items we did enjoy our fair share of sweets. We snagged a handful of these dainty colorful eclairs each filled with a yummy flavor like pina colada, sweet potato or pistachio.The sweet aroma coming from this booth was incredible!


Throughout the day, because it was a nice sunny one….we were downing refreshing cups full of Rekorderlig Cider. It was some where after the 5th cup, when I started to feel mellow and I could feel my face was flushed….something that occurs when I’ve had alcohol! Upon reading the label on the bottles…I realized there was an alcohol content of 5%! What? These delish ciders tasted like fruity Italian sodas!

Taste of Sydney is always on our go-to list whenever we head to Sydney for holiday. For foodies, this is a must! You will not be disappointed! We signed up for updates on their webpage and there are some great offers and discounts that you can take advantage of.


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  1. livhamnic says:

    Love it. What did you think of Chur Burger? Personally I think it’s a bit hyped up. But those eclares look amazing! Have you seen my post on the Taste Festival this year?


    1. I only experienced Chur Burger at TOS. I haven’t tried them outside the event…but maybe you’re right…I mean the fact our slider was so good was because there was no one in front of us…so they actually took time on it…I wonder if it would have tasted as awesome as it did if there was a line and it was chaos! I saw your post…I’m saving it for my evening read! I’m excited…anything about food and Sydney gets me all kinds of happy!

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  2. Nice review. I’ve been to lots of Taste of Auckland events and it looks like the format is similar. If you’re like me and feel like 1 session isn’t quite enough to eat and see everything, I would recommend going twice! I found I was much more relaxed going twice and could see more demonstrations without feeling like I was missing out on other things.


    1. Exactly! Which is why we did 2 days…I mean I love to eat as much as the next foodie but when you’re full…you’re full! But you are right, the second time around we went to places we missed and even caught places who set up for that day only!

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