Breakfast with a view


It’s the most important meal of the day. I’m talking about breakfast! And believe it or not, it is one that is overlooked. With the AM chaos that is getting ready for work or making sure the kids get to school on time sometimes the first meal of the day is the LAST thing on your mind…. Well, imagine your day beginning with a yummy breakfast with the background of Tumon Bay. Sails BBQ which is adjacent to Nana’s Cafe and situated between The Plaza and Guam Reef is offering a breakfast menu that will have you thinking twice about your morning routine.


The Sunrise Breakfast was launched on October 1st of this year and was created by Corporate Executive Chef Dennis Salenga. Don’t let Salenga’s quiet demeanor fool you– this intense and passionate culinary mastermind has been around for decades. Prior to assuming his current role with Guam Plaza properties, he was Executive Chef at Hilton Guam Resort & Spa including several years at Roy’s.

With a little over a year under his belt at Guam Plaza, Chef Salenga has been busy. With Tumon’s hotel strip full of eateries offering breakfast but opening at 7am, he wanted to have Sails be a part of it but take advantage of the early crowd by opening up at you guessed it- sunrise, which is 6:30am.


He created a menu that is simple yet delicious offering dishes that would appeal to the local crowd like the Chamorro Loco Moco which has a savory gravy atop a handmade patty. What makes it stand out? Chunks of spicy Chamorro Sausage that offer a kick and add another layer of texture and flavor to the dish.

My favorite section of the menu? Eggs Benedict. Two of my biggest culinary peeves? Eggs not cooked correctly and  poorly made hollandaise sauce. But having eaten all three offered, I can personally say it was done perfectly. The Smoked Salmon is heavenly—the smokiness pairs great with the sauce. Then there is the Crab Cake. I was hesitant at first but it was love after first bite. Chef Dennis hand makes each crab cake and the breading/crab meat ratio is awesome. But all the components works with and not against each other. The creaminess of the sauce and poached eggs along with the crunchiness and saltiness of the crab cake…amazing. The english muffin is not dry and is the right consistency to serve as the foundation for the eggs benedict beauties.


For those who need their dosage of eggs, there is an ‘Egg’ portion of the menu. You can choose from a filling 3-egg omelette or a Chamorrita Frittata which is best described as a egg-like quiche but topped with a trio of cheeses.


The price point is ideal with items like a stack of Buttermilk Pancakes or French Toast starting at $10 with the most expensive item being their Steak and Eggs which is $21.

So if you want to start your day off with a hearty meal…check out Sails BBQ in Tumon and try out their Sunrise Breakfast Menu available daily from 6:30am-10:30am. For more information, visit their website at: or call: #671 649-7760 or #671-649-6262. You can also like Guam Plaza’s page on Facebook to keeep up to date with the latest promos and specials.

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  1. LuckyBe4R says:

    Your blog makes me miss home!!! I write about Guam often on my blog as well. Biba Guahan!!!


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