Newly renovated King’s offers modern feel

King’s Restaurant has proudly served Guam for 40 years. It’s a place that offers a family friendly environment and let’s face it, I’m sure many of you (myself included) have frequented the restaurant after those late nights of dancing and partying.

Well, great news! The Tamuning location recently opened after undergoing some major renovation and is sporting a more modern look and feel. According to President and CEO David Alcorn, it was a little over a million dollars in renovations. And while it underwent a complete overhaul, one thing remained the same- the food.

That’s right…you can still enjoy the Kadu Beef Shank and Hamhocks & Mungo Beans on a rainy day and order up popular items like the Criss Cross Fries and Country Browns.


One thing people can look forward to is the revamped dessert menu. Along with a trio of treats whipped up by PROA Restaurant, namely the Guam Bomb which is a moist devil’s food cake and a rich chocolate ganache topped with a mirror chocolate glaze, the Pear Pecan Tart Square, which is a delicious cheesecake and almond cream custard atop a crunchy pecan crust and topped with a tasty pear streusel and the Mango Bavarian Cheesecake that is delicate layers of green tea chiffon cake, icebox cheesecake, light Bavarian cream and tangy mango. Pictured are two treats that have caught the attention of customers- the Acai Bowl and the Mango Float. I really enjoyed the Mango Float because it was light and not overly sweet. I loved the texture variations from the crunchy graham crackers to the fluffy cream and firm bits of mango.


Also launched was the “Best Breakfast Ever” Menu. General Manager for Tamuning Kris Convento said management got together and compiled the menu full of customer favorites but kicked up a notch. For example- the Country Browns. On the BBE menu, it is served up on a sizzling skillet. King’s is known for their Loco Moco….the BBE version however is diced up ribeye and it’s topped with country brown gravy. This is a TKO on a platter.


So if you’re looking for traditional American fare as well as local delights, King’s is the place to go…make sure to stop by the Tamuning location and check out the new look.

King’s Restaurant is located in Harmon (#637-KING) and in Tamuning (#647-KING). Open 24 hours to serve you! Find them on Facebook under ‘King’s Restaurant Guam’

and follow on Instagram @kingsguam!

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