The Great Kitchen Counter Experience

Have you watched the Netflix series- Chef’s Table? I think I have binge watched the series at least 6 times.

Well, the Kitchen Counter at Al Dente (Hyatt Regency Guam) is just that. It is an extremely intimate evening. Only 6 seats. Only on Thursdays.Reservations are HIGHLY encouraged.

There is no set menu. A pair of chefs, in this case- Chef Scott Robertson and Chef Cristiano Pozzi create 5 dishes each for a 5 course meal, each utilizing whatever ingredients they’ve purchased or picked that day. So, if you do the math…you end the night consuming a total of 10 amazing culinary works of art. No lie- I was like a kid in a candy store. Wide eyed and big grin..I was ready.

The experience kicks off at 6pm in the Lounge with champagne.


You are then whisked away and taken to the counter where you are greeted by the chefs who will be creating unique dishes right in front of your very eyes. You are encouraged to ask questions— What type of herb is being used in the sauce? How long do you sear the meat? Once both dishes are done and plated… they are served. Before devouring the yumminess before you, each chef explains their respective dishes and what inspired them.



It was such an enlightening experience….to be that up close and see the attention given to each dish and their eye for details. More so, it was a real thrill for me to see the genuine passion for food.

With each dish I was introduced to new textures, new flavors, and cooking techniques I was not aware of. With every bite, I began to understand why this meat worked great with this vegetable or this sauce. From grilled miso eggplant on a bed of buckwheat noodles in a spicy sauce to a lamb filet wrapped in bacon and topped with fried zucchini tators…I was left in awe after each dish.



At the end of the night, the chefs and those in attendance were spent! It was truly a taste and sensory overload….I left feeling content and spoiled because I knew everything I ate after that night would not compare!

The beautiful thing about the Kitchen Counter is that every Thursday is different. No dish will be repeated. Sometimes they will even switch out chefs….so every time you attend, it is a whole new experience awaiting to be enjoyed and savored.

The Kitchen Counter is a steal at just $70. Reservations are a must because it is only on Thursday evenings and there are just six seats available. For more information or to RSVP, you can call #671-647-1234.

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