7th Annual Donne Festival

I know it has been awhile since my last post but work has definitely kept me busy. News never sleeps!

I did want to take this time though to share with you the fun and tasty time I had at the 7th Annual Donne Festival. On Guam, ‘Donne’ is a local hot pepper- small but packs a big punch. So needless to say, things were heating up over the course of the 3-day festival.

The festival takes place in the central village of Mangilao and this year attracted thousands of locals and tourists…all who were in search of yummy festival food fare, arts & crafts, produce & plants, and spicy concoctions!

Despite being in it’s seventh year….I have to be honest, this was my first time attending. In the past, I was either working or had prior commitments…so I was stoked I was able to attend not one but two days! I even served as judge for one of the food competitions!


I was quite impressed by the eclectic food offerings. It went beyond your typical carnival treats…. As I passed each stall I saw waffle dogs, spinach alfredo and sardine empanadas, banana split popsicles, funnel cake in a cone, kettle corn, bbq, chili cheese fries, crab cakes, and more!

I was eager to try the banh mis at a booth operated by Joseph Atalig. I had been Instagram stalking his banh mis for a while so when I finally had the opportunity to order…I took full advantage and order up several.


A place my husband loved was the small booth operated by a husband and wife who was dishing out kalbi goodness. On the first night, he ordered shortribs…on the second day— he had kalbi oxtail and I had the kalbi burger.


A spot I really gravitated towards was operated by Joseph Atalig….he was serving up tasty Banh Mis. I think I must of ordered 5 from him because I knew they were a hit and was sure to sell out. I thoroughly enjoyed every bite….from the pickled veggies to the freshly picked cilantro on top….I salivate just thinking about it. I look forward to Joe hopefully setting up shop in a permanent location but for now…I must keep tabs on him via Instagram to see where he’ll be at next!








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