Take me back to Sydney!

I know, I know….it has been forever and a day since I last posted but believe me when I say- I’ve been busy! But with my insomnia back, it gives me the opportunity to catch up with this blog of mine. When I last posted, I began chronicling my amazing eats during my super awesome vacation to Sydney, Australia. A lot of my friends asked how I found out about these places and I told them I keep posted with the Sydney food scene via Instagram.

So, let’s get to it. On day two, fully rested and ready to hit the streets of the Sydney CBD, I was shocked to learn that a restaurant that I wanted to try was a few minutes away from our hotel. It was a show on Netflix called “Girl Eat World” that I was introduced to Mamak.  Mamak is an award winning Malaysian restaurant, with branches in Sydney and Melbourne. Named after the roadside stalls of Kuala Lumpur that peddle Indian Malay street food, Mamak is renown for authentic, bold and traditional flavours, with smart and friendly service.

Luckily, we managed to beat the crowd and easily grabbed a seat. I already knew what I wanted to order….


The Roti Canai. The flakiness and lightness of the roti was the perfect ‘flavor sponge’ for the curry sauces. For that added ‘oomph’? The sambal was perfect.


I savored each incredible bite. Once done, we finished off with the Roti Tisu which is off of Mamak’s ‘sweet’ menu. To some it may look plain and bland but far from it. This tall and crispy tower had paper thin layers of sweetness….it wasn’t overly sweet it was the ideal way to conclude such a meal. Messy? Sure….but damn, it was worth it.


To wash our meal down, I opted for the Kopi Ais (Iced White Coffee) and the hubby had the refreshing Limau Ais- fresh lime with syrup on ice.


Not only was the service friendly and quick….but the price was totally affordable. To find out more, visit their webpage: http://mamak.com.au/

You can follow Mamak on IG under @mamakrestaurant and like their page on FB:



After our Mamak experience, we walked it off by checking out Brickman: Wonders of the World. It was a Lego extravaganza!


After a few hours of taking in works of art made out of Legos at the Sydney Convention Center….we walked over to Barangaroo.  Barangaroo is Sydney’s new Harbourside park that resonates Aboriginal significance and maritime history. With it’s breathtaking structures and artwork to the bold colors an array of shops and good eats…you will find yourself stuck there for several hours trying to soak everything in…and that is exactly what we did….but first things first—I had to find Devon Cafe.


Devon Cafe is a place I have been following on IG and FB for a while now. It was a cafe I couldn’t make it out to the last time we vacationed in Sydney back in 2015…much to my surprise, I found out there was a new location in the heart of Barangaroo. So we sat down and I didn’t need to look at the menu, I knew what I wanted- the DD Special. The DD special consists of their soft serve ice cream and crispy, hand cut fries! Yes it’s a crazy combo but I promise you, it works! I chose chocolate and matcha soft serve and they were the perfect flavors to compliment the saltiness and crispiness of the fries. The contrast in flavors and textures….truly delightful!

But the DD special is just one of the many beautiful dishes at Devon Cafe. It is the perfect spot for breakfast or lunch.

To find out more: http://www.devoncafe.com.au/

You can also follow on IG under: devoncafe

Yes, that was only Day 2 of our SYD adventure…. can’t wait to share with you more!

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