Cool for the summer!


Living on Guam, warm weather is year round…. but this summer has been a definite scorcher & pair that with the humidity…. Ah, the island life. A place I often find myself at, especially with the kiddos is Tama Takoyaki Cafe. I previously did a feature on Tama about a month ago but that was focused more on the lunch and dinner menu….this piece however is all about the sweet treats. My favorite from Tama is the array of floats. I have tried them all. I fancy the melon and coffee ones. Aside from being the perfect way to quench my thirst and satisfy my sweet tooth…. these floats are photogenic! The color alone makes for a great food porn pic! But something about the mason jar and the scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream screams nostalgia. And watching the kids huddle around the floats…makes for an awesome memory.


Another icy treat sure to have you beating the heat is the Japanese shaved ice dessert-Kakigori. You can choose from green tea, strawberry, or melon. To sweeten the kakigōri, condensed or evaporated milk is often poured on top of can also top it with azuki (red bean) or ice cream. It does bear a striking resemblance to snow cones but with some notable differences: it has a much smoother fluffier ice consistency, much like fresh fallen snow, and a spoon is almost always used to eat it. Not overly sweet and a perfect way to end your lunch or dinner.


However, if the heat isn’t bothering you too much…you can opt for their warm dessert such as the Berry Chimichanga aka Deep Fried Cheesecake. The cinnamon-y flaking shell holds in the creamy goodness and fresh berries. Surprisingly not overly sweet…the chocolate syrup provides the right savory balance.


Who says you can’t eat takoyaki for dessert? Tama offers these amazing cake balls. Filled with white chocolate, these little pops of goodness are drizzled with milk chocolate and toasted peanuts for a sweet and salty combo many of us love!

And for the adults, I highly recommend the Pop-Tails! Not only cool you off but offer a nice buzz if you will. Locally made popsicles in drool worthy flavors (all organic) and alcohol  are a match made in heaven! You can choose from: Lemon & Mint Mojito, Mango Screwdriver, Pomegranate Punch and more!


Make sure to check out my previous post on Tama Takoyaki Cafe for the scoop on their lunch and dinner menus! Tama Takoyaki Café is open Monday-Friday for lunch from 11am-2pm and dinner from 6-11pm and Saturday and Sunday from 11am-11pm. There is plenty of parking available underground and on the rooftop.

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