Eat healthy with the Boka Box


(Pulled pork bbq, slaw w/ tapioca waffle bun)

You are what you eat. With that being said, the Boka Box is Guam’s first nutritionally-sound meal prep service offering up paleo-friendly dishes and treats that will have you saying “it tastes too good to be healthy! Located in Hagatna, the Boka Box can be found within the Synergy Wellness Center right above Nichol’s Boutique.

Owner Jesse Rosario has spent many years involved in nutrition education and wanted to do more to help with the island community’s health. His overall goal was to use real food as an educational tool to help people adopt healthier lifestyles.

So what is Paleo? Rosario refers to it as the “Caveman’s diet.” Eating whole foods that provide optimal, nutrient dense fuel for your body and avoiding processed ,refined, nutrient-poor factory foods.

The Boka Box opens Monday-Friday bright and early at 6:30am. So you can pick up a nutritious breakfast items like Almond Butter Banana Waffles, grainless pancakes w/ a strawberry syrup or salmon scramble. For lunch, they have one of my favorites a pulled pork bbq waffle sandwich. The pork is slow cooked for six hours and the waffle bun is made from cassava. Now although they close at 2pm, you can pick up items for dinner as well like their berry glazed bbq ribs w/ spicy red potato wedges and a kale blueberry cashew salad or baked apple pork chops w/ yams and roasted cauliflower.

Yes, I’m drooling as I type this.

The Boka Box has really changed the minds of a lot of people who thought healthy food is just salad and tuna or has to be completely bland. Rosario and crew have redefined the term- “good eats.”


(Photo by: The Boka Box- Spaghetti squash with meatballs & marinara sauce)

For me, the Boka Box is amazing. I am not the greatest when it comes to cooking let alone cooking healthy. They have taken out the guess work and made it easy for people like me.

The menu for the week varies and Rosario is always testing and creating new dishes to add to the menu. He works with local farmers to get the freshest produce- everything from free range eggs, kale, coconut, calamansi (lemon), dragonfruit, and more.


(Photo by: The Boka Box- Sauteed veggies w/ baked local mahi-mahi )

The Boka Box is located in the heart of Hagatna right above Nichol’s Boutique within the Synergy Wellness Center.

Meal subscriptions open every Monday for the following week. It consists of 5 nutritious meals daily Monday-Friday. 1 week is $200 or if you lock in a 4 week plan it drops to $150/week. Limited subscriptions available. For more information, you can check out their Facebook page:

or follow their Instagram page: @thebokabox

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  1. Awesome wrote up!!! Thank you for supporting our health movement and enjpying our meals. Paleo is very new to Guam and we are happy to have started this movement. Hope you can drop in again soon.


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