Chamorro Comfort Food

Perhaps it’s the fact that I’m under the weather but today I found myself craving some good ol’ island comfort food. On Guam, I’m sure everyone has their idea of what those dishes may be but for me it’s those dishes I grew up with either at home or at a family gathering. Terry’s Local Comfort Food located in Tumon (across Bank of Guam) is a place serving up authentic Chamorro comfort cuisine.

When they first opened, it was originally in the village of Yigo but they have since re-located to the heart of tourist central making local favorites accessible to our island’s tourists and of course, people like myself who crave dishes that are ‘just like the way mom makes it!’ Owned by Tessie Sablan Bordallo, she says that she grew up with the dishes offered and ensures every item on the menu is made with love. Named after her mother, Terry, Bordallo wanted to open up a restaurant to pay homage to the woman who taught her everything about food.

The awesome thing about Terry’s is that Bordallo supports local— getting much of her produce from the island’s farmers to include pumpkin tips, green beans, basil, lettuce, tomatoes, and more.

Whether you are new to the island or a visitor and you want to enjoy some of the island’s tastiest cuisine, I highly recommend Terry’s Local Comfort Food for it will not disappoint.

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