Taco Trippin’

I featured Tacos Sinaloa on my show back in November of last year.For those of you who aren’t too familiar with Sinaloa cuisine…naturally,  it hails from the state of Sinaloa, which is the richest in Mexico and is on the coast of the Pacific Ocean near the Sea of Cortez…this cuisine has found a home in the heart of tumon and is a Mexican fiesta waiting to be enjoyed.

Owner and Chef Elizabeth Liauw, who hails from Sinaloa along with her husband John decided to open up the place after they couldn’t find a place on island serving up Mexican food that met their expectations. They were set on providing the most authentic Mexican cuisine to the island offering an array of yummy dishes.


The dishes are made fresh to order and even their salsa, pico de gallo, and guacamole is house made. No steps are skipped….in fact to ensure authenticity, they import chiles and spices from Sinaloa.


A big seller and a definite must try are the Carne Asada Tacos. I think people are often taken aback when they see that it isn’t the hard crunchy shell they have grown accustomed to when they order up at Taco Bell. This is authentic Sinaloan cuisine people!  Items like the Carnitas, Birria Quesadillas, and Pozole are also delish! If you have a monstrous appetite and the huevos- go for the El Jefe Burrito which has EVERYTHING in it!  To go with your food, I highly recommend the refreshing Hibiscus Tea or the creamy Horchata.


And boy with one bite, you can definitely taste the difference…from smoky to spicy to sweet and salty….the flavors will have your tastebuds doing the salsa.

Tacos Sinaloa is located in the La Isla Plaza next to Lotus Surf Shop in Tumon. They are open for lunch Monday-Saturday 11am-2pm and for dinner from 6pm-9pm. For more information or for takeout you can give them a call at #648-8226.

You can find out more by checking out their Facebook page:


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  1. JC says:

    Now I really want to eat there!!! Thanks for the info on Tacos Sinola


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