An evening at Manhattan Steakhouse

An evening at Manhattan Steakhouse will have you leaving feeling full, content, and with a desire to check out NY. The steakhouse is located in the Pacific Star Resort & Spa, which is situated along Tumon Bay and is the perfect place for date night, special occasions, or if you are just craving a good ol’ top notch piece of steak!


Upon entering, you will feel like you’ve been transported right in the heart of Manhattan. From the dark wooden tables and chairs, crisp white linens to the the black and white photos adorning the walls and even appropriate tunes from Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin playing in the background. The place reeks of class and sophistication. I mean that in a good way!

We started off with our usual- pan fried foie gras with apple compote. The foie gras- buttery and creamy but you definitely know it’s liver with the slight mineral taste with each bite. The tartness of the compote works perfect with the foie gras and the bread crisps add the needed texture. It is my occasional indulgence!

I normally order a caesar salad but knowing I was gonna order a big steak…I passed on it this time around…BUT, it is something that makes Manhattan so special! The caesar salad is made in front of you- from the making of the dressing to adding anchovies and then of course, the toss of the salad to ensure each piece of romaine lettuce is covered in all that caesar goodness -what an amazing presentation.


Meals are served with a bevvy of veggies and depending on season or mood of the chef can vary…this time around we had- mashed potatoes, carrots, asparagus, and scratch made onion rings.

I ordered my usual– 10oz Ribeye. Medium. Certified Angus Beef. And as usual- perfecto!

And to go with this gorgeous piece of meat? A nice glass of Merlot. Manhattan also has a nice wine list.


I’ve seen a few reviews on some other sites and many believe it’s expensive. I on the other hand, disagree. There are other steakhouses on Guam…. and in some places you are paying more for a steak that is not quality at all. I have been to Manhattan Steakhouse many, many times…and I have never been disappointed. Service, food and ambiance has always been on point. While some note that sometimes it looks empty….I have to be honest, it’s because not many know that Manhattan exists! It’s a hidden gem!

Manhattan Steakhouse is located on the fourth floor of the Pacific Star Resort & Spa. For more information, you can call: (671) 649-7827 or check out their Facebook page:


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