Miami Chef brings flavor to Guam


I become a total fangirl when I meet chefs. It is such a thrill for me to be in the presence of culinary masterminds. I had the pleasure of doing a one-on-one interview with Chef Sean Brasel back in November. Brasel is the Owner and Executive Chef of Miami Meat Market and was on island for a few days to showcase some of his Miami influenced dishes at the Hilton Guam Resort & Spa.

Chef Brasel’s career has been a fruitful one aside from owning one of Miami’s premier spots, he has won several awards including Restaurateur of the Year from the Certified Angus Beef Convention, opened many restaurants across the globe, he’s competed in Food Network’s Chopped and most recently Esquire Network’s Knife Fight. And despite all this, he says he’s just getting started and he still has so much to learn.

What brought him to Guam was an invite from an old friend who now resides on Guam (and works at the Hilton). And boy, those who were able to snag a reservation for the super sold out event were in for a meaty treat. He broke out some of the incredible dishes he features at the Miami Meat Market.

Miami Meat Market is a popular restaurant offering a sexier glamorous take on your traditional steak house. You can expect amazing cuts of meat, and fresh seafood and produce on the daily.

The first dish he took me through was the fire grilled Certified Angus Beef pichanna steak aji with a chipotle glaze. It was so tender and melted in my mouth…the glaze offered a hint of heat.


The second dish he served up was the intoxicating achiote cured Certified Angus Beef tenderloin. The achiote offered such a smokiness along with the char and it married well with the beef. You did not need a knife with this beauty! His plating- simple and very sophisticated. White plate with a pop of colorful veggies and of course, the star of the show- this beautiful piece of beef!


Closing out the interview, Brasel had some great advice for the aspiring chefs locally. “You have to be patient and really work for what you want. You have to study, keep your mouth quiet and absorb everything. Don’t be cocky and pay your dues.”

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