Bites & Beers make for a great Happy Hour

The chefs and staff at Hyatt Regency Guam call me the “Ambassador of Hyatt” because they always see me at the hotel either at one of the restaurants, at the Deli grabbing a coffee or in this case, at the Lounge enjoying Bites & Beers for Happy Hour. What can I say? I go where the food is great….but at the Hyatt, it goes beyond the food…the service, staff and ambiance are wonderful.

So, let’s get to Bites and Beers shall we? Every day from 5pm-7pm, the Lounge which is located in the lobby of the Hyatt offers up a yummy selection of dishes paired perfectly with beer. The menu and concept was the brainchild of Chef Brendan Makahi, who happens to be a local boy who came back to the island after working a while at Hyatt in Hawaii.

He wanted to create dishes that had some local flair to it. So he did his research, tasting the beers and what would go with what food. What he came up with?

Mustard Fried Wings w/ Leinekugal’s

Certified Angus Beef Brisket Sliders w/ Henry Weinhard’s Reserve

Grilled Tofu Sliders w/ Miller Lite

Fried Beef Brisket with Tatiyas (Flour tortillas) w/ Stella Artois


Tuna Poke’ with Fried Corn Tortilla Chips w/ Heineken



Each combo is super affordable at $10. And is a perfect way to unwind after a crazy work day.

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